A perfect team of writers diverse, talented, and collaborative, each bringing unique strengths to the table and that is how we describe the BonusCasinoStation team. Even if we are talking about the Visionary Leader, the SEO Specialist, The Research Guru, the Creative Storyteller, the Social Media Whiz or about the Feedback Analyst, each one has played a tremendous part in getting this project live. We encouraged our colleagues to state some words about themselves, as a first step in discovering a little bit about the team behind our collaborative work.

Here are their testimonials:

Allen Haynes,

Editor in Chief 

My particular expertise lies in crafting content that is optimized for both search engine rankings and conversion rates. I take great pride in delivering top-quality work that leaves a lasting impact. The area where I excel is in the realm of online casinos, with advanced skills in digital marketing, specializing in copywriting, content creation.

I am constantly on the lookout for fresh and exciting offers and bonuses, ensuring access to the most reputable and reliable casinos in the industry. Upholding principles of integrity, I refuse to compromise quality for convenience and I firmly believe in recommending only the very best options. I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest iGaming industry trends and techniques, so I can present to our audience informative and enjoyable to read pieces, equally.


Melina Olsson,

Content Writer 

With more than 6 years in the igaming industry and affiliation marketing, I successfully fulfill a multitude of roles and responsibilities on a daily basis. I use to delve into extensive research, exploring the most current trends and statistics within this challenging industry. I enjoy tocraft captivating and informative articles, ensuring that each piece aligns with our company’s established style and tone.Additionally, I am in charge of various content-related processes and procedures, and I diligently monitor the performance of our content through the use of analytics and many other efficient  tools.This also may include developing and maintaining an editorial calendar, collaborating with our remote content writers and editors to guarantee timely delivery of all materials.I discovered the igaming world as a hobby, playing some slots on mobile, in my spare time, ever since my favorite game is Mega Moolah.


Bruce Cavanagh,

Senior Technical Writer

I introduce myself as an independent writer residing in Sedona, Arizona, since 2008. Eleven years ago, I graduated University of Phoenix, with degree in Communication and MIS. With over 5 years of experience on projects for different countries, I ultimately specialized in the Canadian iGaming market. Currently, my focus lies in reviewing casinos and finding the latest promotional offers. My specialization lies in crafting engaging articles about the gaming sector. When I first stepped into a land-based casino, I quickly got into the game, but nowadays I like more playing online with so many game types.


Aris Tooker,

Writer, Editor, Blogger

In few words, I describe myself as Creative and detail-oriented Content Writer with over 5 years of experience crafting compelling articles, blog posts, and marketing copy. I am always committed to delivering high-quality and plagiarism-free writing that enhances the best visibility and engages our audience. I started to produce SEO-friendly content for various niches, including technology, health, and lifestyle, but when I discovered the igaming world, I wanted to focus and perform here. Since then, I crafted over 100 articles and blog posts with an immense success. My mother tongue is English, but I fluently speak Italian, Spanish and German, having graduated McGill University in 2015. When I am not writing, I enjoy travelling and discovering new places, people and customs.